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Tax Deductions for Police Officers

Preparing tax returns for police officers requires an accountant who thoroughly understands how different and diverse a police officer’s role can be. They need to understand that a police officer can claim a deduction for payments made to an informant, or the cost of a brush used to groom a police horse. If you play in the police band, you can claim the cost of acquiring and maintaining your musical instrument. In fact, the role of a police officer can be so varied that there is probably very little outside the scope of a police officer’s tax return.

The Australian Taxation Office have even taken the time to write a special ruling on it. We’ve studied the rulings, and we’re looking after your mates.

Some other deductions that may be available to police include:

  • Cost of purchasing, maintaining and laundering compulsory uniforms;
  • Memberships to unions and professional associations;
  • Cost of attending training courses;
  • Travel expenses incurred on the job and not reimbursed;
  • Meal expenses;
  • Cost of new boots.

Police may also be entitled to general tax deductions that are not work specific, such as investment deductions or car expenses deductions. Police officers should always keep receipts for all expenses they incur when at work, and should enlist the help of a tax accountant who specializes in tax returns for police officers.

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